Why People say There is no money in Internet

Just finished check my email. Nothing new, three payment notification emails from PayPal, two new ClickBank sales, one new prospect in membership site I’m promoting and one mail from a frustrated marketer I’ve been doing Internet marketing for last 3 years, I’ve joined so many programs. I max out my credit card but haven’t made a dime yet.

I receive this type of mails daily and always wonder why people dont earn money through Internet. In fact its the easiest way to make money. I think there may be two reasons behind it.

1. People are not willing to learn.
People dont want to learn. A research shows that 97% people think that they are smarter than others and they need not to learn new things. Im not saying that they are wrong. Off course they are expert in their field but when it comes to other field or say Internet marketing they are zero. They dont know anything about it so they should learn first.

You may ask what about the rest 3%. Well these 3% people dont think they are smarter (they are actually smartest) and they try to learn from everyone. Thats why these 3% people are having 97% wealth of the world.

2. Internet is filled with hypes.
The second reason is that internet is filled with hypes. There are thousands of companies and marketers, who want only your money. They dont care about you and usually dont deliver what they promised. When somebody tries to learn from them, he ends up with an exhausted credit card and a belief that There is no money in Internet Marketing So the real question is what you should do to get succeed. In one line Learn everything from a reliable source and implement that strategies in your business.

There is a shocking fact successful internet marketers dont try to sale anything to anybody.

What, how will they earn money if they dont sale you may ask. Well first they gain trust of people and than simply recommend some product. The best way to gain trust is give them some valuable gift. It may be a mini-course, a short report or some kind of software. You too can do it.

>> I dont have enough knowledge to create a mini-course or report.
>> I dont have any software to giveaway.
>> I am not so famous why people will trust me.
>> I cant do it because I am too young or too old.
>> I missed the right time to enter in Internet marketing.
You may sound like this but there is always a way around what-ever the excuse is. When these famous marketers started, nobody knows them. Today we have a marketer who earned millions in just 19 years of age. So dont forget There is always a way.
So here is a short and simple way to get success:

1. Join list of 5-6 well-known marketers.
The first step is very important. Join mailing list of 5-6 famous marketers and learn what they teach you. If you learn carefully, youll come to know that things are always same, the only difference is way of presentation. When you
join some e-courses from famous marketers, youll have enough data to compile your own course. Im not saying that you just copy their course. Grab an Idea from their course and make yours.

2. Search for free software you can giveaway.
You can find thousands of software, ebooks for free online. Just get a few good software or ebooks to offer as incentives to people.
Ive just discovered breakthrough money-making software. This software generate sale and automatically deliver products just by giving away for free.

Now offer your mini e-course, report or software to people and gain their trust. Once you have their trust, you can recommend them new products and earn over and over again. Again don’t try to sell anything to anybody, just give them your recommendation.

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